xuño 30, 2006

Hundida...dentro...un mar de grises

Lets pretend my face is burning
Oh infinite,

just pretend your hand could touch

…My meaningless life,
would you save me?

Are you there?

In that grey horizon…
Were the sun sets (so) peacefully
Were light drips down by my eyes…

I’m drowning in my thoughts
Yet no one seem to care
Can you see me?
I’m taking my black soul
Away… from this white world
Can you hear me?

Timeless sins

Will break me apart

Oh, but no one knows

Would you care?

xuño 29, 2006

Lost In Moments

It was many and many a year ago,
In a kingdom by the sea,
That a maiden there lived whom you may know
By the name of Annabel Lee;
And this maiden she lived with no other thought
Than to love and be loved by me.

You fly, or rather float, drift
Through an enormous dark room
A room of noises

Endless shimmering glissandi
Crackling pizzicato
Coal black, turbulence holes of bass drones
But otherwise empty
No planets, no meteorites
If anything, perhaps fine dust clouds of exploded music

You float there, somewhere between pleasure and fear

In a piece of time you can't determine
You're everywhere but in the present
Hey you disappear further and further
Into these incalculable rooms
And your personality fades away

Your features evaporate, your body decomposes

And your last thought is that you have become a noise
A thin, nameless noise among all the others
Howling in the empty dark room


Assurgere imprecisa
Chiara in volto
Le lacrime ti fanno ancora male
Sul viso marzo, inconcludente fine
But now the sun shine cold
And we don't care about
Our deep blue lips
And we'don't need thin words, yes
Still need a music
Nobody knows it

Lime, junio 2006. Fuera llueve…sobre el mar

En Lime han creado un dispensario para gaviotas.
Anuncia el dominical comarcal en esta mañana de café recién hecho y repostería fresca.
Debido a los últimos……


Tree's are
The rain....

Rain all
Most come
Again and again come's
For sea dipression
People are shouted
The rain...
'what is this rain...? ! '
Are some thing....
But...Green full tree's
Take bath and refresh
Dance with air...

Drops are rain
Little little bit
Nicely kiss too kiss
The tree's body's
And leave's enjoy...!
With rain drops kissess...
Enjoy the tree's too love
Rain is the life of tree's
Tree' s is the life of rain...!

Love the tree's for rain...? ! ? ? ! ! !

otteri selvakumar


Come down, slowly
I'm waiting by your side
Come down, carefully
I'm waiting by your side

I'll grab you when you fall
Down to the waking hours
Silent sweeps as golden corn
Down to the waking hours

How i wish that I could
Break into your dreams
Do I have the force I need
To break into your dreams

I hold you in my arms
Dimmed by scarlet morning red
I whisper in your ear
"Do you dream of me?"